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Welcome to 11/21, yet another Silent Hill related community. This one is special though, as it is focused in one particular character from the series - Walter Sullivan, from Silent Hill 4: The Room. Are you a fan of this awesome character? Are you fascinated by the tragic story behind him and his relation with the Silent Hill devilish cult? Then scroll down to read more information about this site and please consider joining us!


+ Most of the posts at this community will contain, obviously, HUGE SPOILERS for SH4. The game was released more than a year ago, so I won't ask the community members to mark those spoilers or put them under a LJ-cut. In other words, if you haven't played the game yet... read at your own risk!

+ Due to the kind of contents that will be accepted in this community (see below) and the nature of the games themselves, maybe some posts will contain material not suitable for children. I will do my best to keep all the adult-rated posts (specially those containing fanfiction with explicit sex or violence) locked so only the community members can read them, but I don't want to label this as an 'Adults only' place, so you will be accepted whatever your age is. The games aren't suitable for children anyway, so I assume you'll have certain level of maturity if you're interested in joining (...). However, I wanted to make that point clear just in case - chances are that you'll find adult content in this community. Please keep that in mind!


This community is focused in Walter, so every post must be somehow related with him, the 21 sacraments ritual, the Silent Hill cult, the other victims and/or SH4 characters... you get the idea. You can talk about other characters from the games as long you remain more or less on topic, but please keep your posts around him as much as possible.

- Introductions, that is, the typical "Hi I'm new!" posts. Feel free to tell us a little about yourself when you join!
- General comments and theories about Walter, his background story, the Silent Hill cult, the victims, the ritual...
- Long essays will be more than welcomed.
- Screenshots, links to videos, icons, wallpapers and other media. Please put big pictures under lj-cuts.
- Fanfiction and Fanart (be it gen, het or slash). Please label your material properly (G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R) and post every NC-17/R rated content using the "friends only" option.
- Everything else that may still be related somehow to our favorite psycho-killer... links to Walter-related sites, fanfic/fanart recommendations, song lyrics that make you think about him and other stuff like that.

NO TO...
- We all know Walter is probably the most desired male in the whole SH series, but please, please, don't post just to say that Walter is OMGSOHAWT that you'd like to have his (dead) babies right now and here, okay? I mean, no problem with the fact you feel that way - but the purpose of this community is not being a drooling pool, but trying to explore the character in a further sense :D
- Walter bashing. Hell, this is a FAN community, I think that's pretty much a given.
- Stolen fanarts and/or fanfiction. If you want to show us that awesome fanart you found in that great Japanese website, do it! But please put up a link, not the picture itself. This is a personal preference and you may not agree with it, but in my opinion that's the right way to do things.
- Again, we all love other Silent Hill characters, but you have lots of great Silent Hill communities to talk about them. Don't do it here, unless your point has something to do with Walter/his background story as well.
- Last but not least, DON'T ask for game help/walkthroughs/tips UNLESS what you want is specific help about any of those Walter-related moments you can suffer see in the game. If you need help about other game related topics, please search somewhere else - like in GameFAQs.

If you have any comments or questions, drop me an e-mail to 11121{AT}melancholy-requiem{DOT}net. I hope you'll have fun wandering around the depths of self discovery of this little dark corner of the net :)

- gingetsu, creator and administrator
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