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Just some small things

Just finist some small things.

Things are going wel with my fanfic.People seem to like it.
2 more capters 9 and 10.I'm working on 9,but I'm still writing chapter 10 on paper.

I'm getting idea's on paper for 2 new storys. one is a sequel to 'A  lovers deadly embrace',
and takes places 5 years after the last chapter.
the other takes place during the time Walter is going to the Pleasant River University.But it's,
still in the pre-production so to say...^-^.

I have some more idea's but it about caracters from other SH games.

I made 2 Walter wallpapers and uploaded new pic's of walter to my gallery.
Have a look around.

I think I'm going to make a nother SH music video.But it's hard to find movies with walter in it.I have cutscence,
but like to have some ingames movies of him to.Well I have to keep looking.I someone knows where,
to find ingame movies of Walter let me know please!?

 Speak. I am the Crimson One

-Walter Sullivan:(Holy Mother sect) Disciple. 1969-2004

It's funny,...My lover was born in the born in the same year as Walter.There the same age.
   Javier and Suzanne   

     Just for the fun ^-^...

Well uplouded my AMV to yourtube.Its made from all 4 games,has Walter in it^-^!!
With music from Michael Jackson to the nummer Thriller.
Have a look if you like to..

I have begon typing out my latters chapter of my fanfics.It going to be a long nicht today.

I updated my gallery with pics from all 4 games.

                Speak. I am the Crimson One


A new Silent Hill music video is finist.On the nummer Thriller ,
from Michael Jackson.

And uploaded new Walter pic's to my gallery.

New pic's

Well I scaned in pic's from the Silent Hill 4 guide.And some pic's from SH2 and 3.

And a chapter of my story 

This video is NOT mine.

Walter and SH pic's

I uploaded a lot of walter and some Silent Hill pic's from the other game to a new gallery 'Lost Memories a Devilgirl255 gallery".

Take a look around if you like ^-^!

A lovers Deadly embrace chapter3

The 3 chapter of 'A lovers Deadly embrace

Two of my Silent Hill music videos..

Silent Hill : A lovers deadly embrace chapter2

The second chapter of my story A lovers Deadly embrace.

So now she was at Rosewater Park.She like it here also,not as good as her place by the lakeside,but nice with it many place's to sitdown and have a drink or a small talk.

She was looking out over the lake,from the bends she was sitting in.She diceded to take a look at the stone plate 
next to her. She read the texst,but fell silent.Did she read this correct

SH fanfiction: A lovers deadly embrace
I have been working on a fanfiction about Silent Hill and Walter,
I have 7 chapter up now,and am working on some new ones now.

Sins there going well on fanfiction net,I like to post them her to.

Author: Devilgirl255

Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror

Silent Hill:A lovers deadly embrace

A Silent Hill fanficion 18+
violence,death,murder,fear,lost love,sex,ect

intro:A young woman becomes sick after an ordinary hospital visit.After that she hears that she has at the most 8 months to live,She takes a holiday in Silent Hill to get away and come to herself.Where she meets someone who will change her life.But is he what he appears to be,or will he make her life the worths nightmare there is?Will she now the truth? Or is she recovering in the arms of false hope?In a lovers deadly embrace...
She looked out over the lake.The forest silent behind her.This was at arrival immediately her favourites spot of the city.She hope to still injoy the view for some time ,But life was not two kind for her the last 2 months.
Toluca Lake was ,beautiful but had something sad also.She was glad that she had come here.Away from the world of doctors,hospitals,friends and famillie.

It was hard to believe that she was sick.But according to the doctors she has at the most 8 months to live .It was difficult at swallowing for someone who had just become 25 years old,...that she will not reach the end of the year.

A ordinary hospital visit had become fatal. Suzanne had a overworked and ill doctor take blood from her with a infected needle.The man sould not have been alloud in the hospitalin the first place.She found the doctor, what oddly behaved.But had not stood still be it any further.

Two days later she found blood on its pillow.It seems to come from her ear.The same day the hospital had given a call that she had to come directly to the hospital ,for research ,two hours later she fond out that she had a new and very deadly discease.How the overworked doctor got a hold on the neeldl they did not have a anser for yet.

But it had to have came from the lab.The discease was so new that it still had no name.They called it RZU847,there was no medicines and no chance on healing.Her agencies will will break down intime,and she will slowly bleed to death from the inside.The docters give her a chance of 6 up to 8 months to live.

In the end she was not frightened to die,but they was still so much todo in this life.With notmuch effort she let the rest of the family know,Suzanne ended the relationship she had,in spite of all the work she had put in ittoo to get itthis way.Now she leaves it all behind her.

She could not let him go thru all that suffering.He could continue with his life now.This will be more difficult when therestill together if she comestodie.He thought that she made a joke,but when she no longer came afterone month and she did not take any of hiscalls, he started get doubts.

But by the time he came in to action it was already to late.Suzanne had left already .And that did hurt him.But what hurted more is that he did not believe her.

Now she was here in Silent Hill.How she got here was a bit strange.She was on the internet looking for some brochures. fora long holiday,when the computer went crazy.Then 3 days later the brochures came in and there was anbrown envelope between the brochures.

It was abrochure of Silent Hill.She never orderd this one..and it looked prettyold.The folders came from the years 80/90.But the photograph of large lake,had made an impression.That is where she wanted to gone.After a few call's proved there is indeed a hotel,therefore she booked a room in the Lakeview hotel for 4 months..

And now she was enjoying her time here.She felt good here.She was attracted a lot to the city especially to the lake sins she got here.It made her calm and happy,but also strangely enough very frightened ,a hiding horror,something what she could not place.Exactly what the intressing dream had she had sin's she have arrived here.

It was as if she tries look at trough a fog.She heard herself talk to two people.She could only see the outline of thepeople.one was a man looking at the build.The other one was a child,sit on the ground.She could not hear the people talk.It was too vague to hear.But she could make out her own voice.

Then she wakes up.She had the dream about 3 time in a week,sin's the week shegot there.She found it interesting.Maybe it ment that she has a future.Only if were it was in a dream.It was a nice feeling

In the meantime it had become late and dark and the lake had drawn in a thick fog.She decided to walk back the wayshe had got here.Suzanne stood up and turned around ,and almost got a hartattack of fear and fright.A person hidden in the shades of the forest.

A couple of green eyes look looked at her between veiled hair.She could not see this persons face,it was too dark.She ran rapidly past the person that was staring at her.The green eyes thatwere just looking at her where now loking into space,as ifshe was not there.

She got a strange feeling then she got past that person.She wants to stop but her head say that she must continue moving. Once on the road,she turned around.The person had not followed her.She stared into the forest for a while...

"strange people around here"comes into her mind.

with that thought She walked back to the hotel.

End of chapter 1

Nice Holiday and new SH music videos

Well have not been in for a while.

Well back from a good holiday in Germany.
Im hard working at my story,will trying to make idear for the.one that will
follow it.I have a little block.

I finist the last to Silent Hill mosic video's.I just all four games.

It turned out nicely,but the site there on,the did not do it any good.
So it wil do just when I download in to AnimeMusicVideos.org.There the best
site for this amv.

I'll put the link up for those how are intressed in having a look at them.^-^

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6FcMPJXLv4 (Silent Hil in:Hotel Californa)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuRhEBsr7GY (Silent Hill:Childeren)

Silent Hill fanfic

Walter Sullivan fan

I'm so happy.I got a great review on my Silent Hill fanfic.

It's strange how this story got barely any reviews. This story is pretty good. Not only do you EXPLAIN that Silent Hill is a gloomy sad town, but just by reading it, it also gives me the vibe and feeling of it being sad and gloomy. Grade job.

Rating: 10/10.

I'm looking forward to you writing more, good luck.

Happy Happy Happy ^-^.


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