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oneshotnothing wrote in 11_21
not Walter Sullivan related, but it DOES haveta do with Silent Hill...

is anyone into RPing?
i request a meeting with someone's most EVIL occult C.
not for dueling, but for majorly messing with a weaker C's head.
any takers?
i'm writing this backstory for a Silent Hill RP thing.
ye's are familar with the whole SH thing, yea? in particular, I'm playin' a canon from SH3.
a'ight. for those who haven't played, or played in a long while, a bit of backstory. the main character is a girl known as Heather; allegedly she's a reincarnation of some other woman and so has been tracked down by this odd religious cult to give birth to their god.
a'ight? but we're not talking about her.
Heather was tracked down by a priestess for the cult named Sister Claudia. apparently there's a priest in the cult whose teaching style terrifically clashes with her beliefs, and she's determined to bring back the God and therefore, paradise on earth, a'ight? with me so far?

The priest she doesn't like is a guy named Father Vincent, that's the C i've been playing. in a spiffy cgi near the end of the game, Claudia and Vincent are arguing (as they do thru the whole damn game) when Heather finally arrives.
Vincent gets stabbed, Heather and Claudia have a showdown, endgame.
stupid little bit of trivia? after the cutscene, Vin's body's nowhere to be found. ergo I started writing this 'what if he didn't die' scenario with a coupla RP partners.
so...why am I looking for EVIL occult Cs to give out boy the runaround?

in the Hill he might have been somebody, but out in the world he'd be quite the small fish in a biiig ocean. he's out and about hoping to learn some occulty stuff and go back and go smashy on everyone that did him wrong in the Hill; he naively thinks the big wide world out there would be interesting in hearing about this ittle bittle cult in some tiny backwoods town.

I need someone to show him how things go in the real world. take him down a notch. you know.
during his 'apprenticeship' I don't care what all happens; scare him, hurt him, slave him out for a bit...so long as he isn't killed- again- unless said occultist could bring him back. inevitably Silent Hill is going to call his butt home... I just want him to come away with a 'eensy' bit more knowledge than he left with, but he's going to need to work hard for it.

anyone interested, drop a note here.
we can do this AIM, LJ, or in a chat; I tend to hang around whispering realms quite a bit...


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