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Things seem quiet, so I thought no one would mind if I plugged this RPG comm I'm doing.
It is a multifandom that takes place in Silent Hill.We still have a fair number of SH regs unfilled (see the 'taken characters' list) and an interesting little array of other fandoms running about.

The game is still young, and ergo slow, but if you hop in now we have a bit of a 'Twin Peaks' type mystery plotline going on, along with all the nightmares, monsters and suchlike you'd expect in a SH RP.

x cradle of forest x maternal_heart x logs and ongoing RPs x friends add x

x applications x taken characters x chatroom (fire and water) x locations x 101 x rules x

New website
Hello everyone,
been a long time sins I have been here.

I have created a website to the Order of Silent Hill.
Please take a look around and tell me what you think.


The other AMV
I am srry the other AMV won't come but If you know a good song and think hey it would fit with silent hill you may tell me I am looking for new songs to put with an amv.
so please help me.

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I am a big fan of silent hill I also made a silent hill the movie fan trailer

I am also making another one that contains silent hill 1,2,3,4 and origins.

Just something that come to mind.
I came across something that looks like a error in SH1.Troughout SH3 you get to hear that "The Order" worship a female God.
But when you listen to the dialogue at the end of SH1 Dalhia talkes about a male God -"Alessa has been traped in a nightmare from with's she never awakes,HE has been nursert by that nightmare".I think that has been done on perpurse for the American release.(This happans to much with other games as well.)

And something I just discovered.In SH4 when you come across Cynthia's ghost,it looks like she is crying but also saying something.I alway was thinking that it was just moppeling/or you can't make out what she is saying.Well she is indeed talking,
backwards! If you play her speaking backwards you can hear what she is saying.I never seen sudes a thing in a game befor.

Something about Walter Sullivan's grave.The people of SH must have done a lot of digging.I mean,when you come across Walter's grave in SH2 it's in the catecome of the Toluca Lake Prison.In SH4 you hear they digged up the body,but than it's already behind the Wish house.I never came across come note or something that they had relocated his grave from the prison ,to behind the Wish House.Unless there are two Walter Sullivan's,bured at two differant places.                                       (Nice idea two Walter's.^-^)

Well something els.Made new icons 17 of them to.Working on new ones to.
New video still in the making.

I finist SH2 for the first time today.^-^.I got the "In water"Now working on get thing the "Rebirth" ending.

Walter's grave in SH2
I was so happy yesterday.
I came across Walters grave in Silent Hill 2.So I almost finist SH2.
A long and dark  journery is coming to a end.

I made some nice Walter icon.

Speak, I am the Crimson One.

Some things on my mind.

I had some things on my mind for some time now.
It has not much to do with Walter,but still I like to know what others think of this idea's

(1) I like the SH movie,but fond it to bad that the orginal Cult was removed from the movie.I gave the game                                something more than just the witch burning  thing in the movie.

(2)The people Dougles was looking for in a missing persons  case where James and Mary.

(3)I think that the "21 Sacraments" ending is the real ending of SH4.(You can't kill something that not alive in the first place.Walter,his world it's all psychic energy).That let me to the idea that "Rebirth" ending from SH2 is also the corect one.That idea comes from the radio message during the "21 sacraments" ending;

"Five unnamed police officers have been found dead, for reasons unknown, in the South Ashfield Heights apartments, along with its superintendent,Mr. Frank Sunderland.All other residents of South Ashfield Heights have been rushed to St. Jerome's Hospital, many complaining of severe chest pains. These strange incidents are similar to the ones which occurred in Silent HillSome years ago. More news to follow."

Sins the ritual in to dus the same thing as the 21 sacrament ritual.It means that James did the ritual and the same thing is now happing in South Ashfield Heights.

(3)Well the lest thing on my mind.(I talk to must some times ^-^)

I have seen on many site that people thing that the entity from the Crimson Ceremony text is Xuchilbara.But for some time know,I have come to thing that it is "The Lord of serpents and reeds" (God).Red is the colour of Xuchilbara.But it also the colour of God(Speak,I am the crimson one).As can be seen in the church of SH3.  
The hints comes from the texts"
The beauty of the withering flower and the last struggles of the dying man, they are my blessings.-God took endless time away from the people so that they can died.

Oh, proud fragrance of life which flies towards the heart. Oh Cup which brims with the whitest of wine, it is in thee that all begins.-The items named in the last 2 lines are blood of a persones heart(10 siners),a cup and white wine(White claudia).The items for the 21 sacraments(Walter was Dahlia's plan b) and Crimson Ceremony.This ritual(s),do the same thing .They summon God.And not Xuchilbara.


God has come again...

icons,gallery,updates,It's been a good day
 It's been a good day.
I have created a new gallery for all Silent Hill icons and fanart.That makes things more easy.

I made some new icons.And I don with my fanfiction,al to do is type it out the 3 chapters.

I'm working on a Heather amv,But having trouble AGAIN with my moviemaker.

Now onto the new story,so back to work...

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not Walter Sullivan related, but it DOES haveta do with Silent Hill...

is anyone into RPing?
i request a meeting with someone's most EVIL occult C.
not for dueling, but for majorly messing with a weaker C's head.
any takers?
i'm writing this backstory for a Silent Hill RP thing.
ye's are familar with the whole SH thing, yea? in particular, I'm playin' a canon from SH3.
a'ight. for those who haven't played, or played in a long while, a bit of backstory. the main character is a girl known as Heather; allegedly she's a reincarnation of some other woman and so has been tracked down by this odd religious cult to give birth to their god.
a'ight? but we're not talking about her.
Heather was tracked down by a priestess for the cult named Sister Claudia. apparently there's a priest in the cult whose teaching style terrifically clashes with her beliefs, and she's determined to bring back the God and therefore, paradise on earth, a'ight? with me so far?

The priest she doesn't like is a guy named Father Vincent, that's the C i've been playing. in a spiffy cgi near the end of the game, Claudia and Vincent are arguing (as they do thru the whole damn game) when Heather finally arrives.
Vincent gets stabbed, Heather and Claudia have a showdown, endgame.
stupid little bit of trivia? after the cutscene, Vin's body's nowhere to be found. ergo I started writing this 'what if he didn't die' scenario with a coupla RP partners.
so...why am I looking for EVIL occult Cs to give out boy the runaround?

in the Hill he might have been somebody, but out in the world he'd be quite the small fish in a biiig ocean. he's out and about hoping to learn some occulty stuff and go back and go smashy on everyone that did him wrong in the Hill; he naively thinks the big wide world out there would be interesting in hearing about this ittle bittle cult in some tiny backwoods town.

I need someone to show him how things go in the real world. take him down a notch. you know.
during his 'apprenticeship' I don't care what all happens; scare him, hurt him, slave him out for a bit...so long as he isn't killed- again- unless said occultist could bring him back. inevitably Silent Hill is going to call his butt home... I just want him to come away with a 'eensy' bit more knowledge than he left with, but he's going to need to work hard for it.

anyone interested, drop a note here.
we can do this AIM, LJ, or in a chat; I tend to hang around whispering realms quite a bit...

icone and gallery update
A small update in my Silent Hill gallery.
I made some icons,i hardly ever make them,but I hope there liked.

Im hard at work at the last part of my story.So back to work..


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